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Hockey Hall of Famer

Guesses remaining: 9

How to play
  • Tap on a square to guess a player who matches both criteria.
  • The player needs only to have matched the criteria at some point in his career. For example, if criteria are TOR and 50+ goal season, the player needs to have played a game for TOR and had a 50+ goal season, but he does not have to have had a 50+ goal season for TOR.
  • A player counts for a team if he has played at least one game for the team in its entire franchise history. So a player who played one game for the Atlanta Thrashers counts for the Winnipeg Jets.
  • Players can only be used once per board, however if you guess a player incorrectly you can guess him again.
  • There are nine squares and you get nine guesses so you've got to make your guesses count.
  • A perfect rarity score is 900, which can only be achieved by having nine unique answers – ie. you have selected nine players no one else has.